Catalogue : Bunker Records / BK010
Format : 3LP
Condition : Used
Country : US
Released : 2014
Genre : Techno, House

Few projects in electronic music have remained at the very cutting edge for as long as Reagenz, a collaboration between San Francisco-based Jonah Sharp and Heidelberg-based David Moufang. Their first self-titled album “Reagenz,” was released during a foundational moment for ambient and electronic music: 1994. Now, twenty years after their first project, comes “The Periodic Table,” a stunning live album captured at The Bunker New York’s tenth anniversary party at Public Assembly, Brooklyn, in January 2013.
To introduce the album, Sharp notes, “I consider it a live album that captured the essence of the show. The two-and-a-half hour show was edited down to 70 minutes or so. The hard bit was selecting chunks to use.”
“The Periodic Table” incorporates elements of house, techno and ambient in an organic flow that few artists could replicate. Watching the two musicians on stage makes tangible the sense of decades of shared experience between them very apparent. Moufang clarifies “it is definitely about letting go and finding out where we can go as in terms of improvising (new) tracks.” Sharp concurs, “Communication comes down to hearing and feeling what's going on at the time and trying to make the right decisions on the spot. Spontaneity plays a big part! “
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