Catalogue : Ruination / RRC045
Format : LP
Condition : New
Country : US
Released : 2023
Genre : Neofolk, Contemporary Jazz

“One pleasure of following Dan Knishkowy’s music as Adeline Hotel in recent years is the way each album suggests something new, building on what came before, rather than making a drastic break. A record of folk songs (2020’s Solid Love) led to a set of solo guitar explorations (2021’s Good Timing) led to a suite of piano-led chamber music (The Cherries Are Speaking, 2021’s second Adeline album). Hot Fruit, his latest, continues that gradual trajectory while opening the widest new territory in his discography yet. While its jazzy and orchestral acoustic-guitar-led instrumentals may have surface-level precedent in canonical albums by Jim O’Rourke and more recent ones by William Tyler or Marisa Anderson, they ultimately operate on a wavelength all their own (…). The contemplative tone of Hot Fruit feels like an extension of Good Timing, but the music’s sense of journey sets it apart from that album’s deliberate stasis. Each player’s personality is apparent even as they work diligently to support the whole. This is especially true of Knishkowy himself: Though Hot Fruit may be his most lushly orchestrated album, it is also the best showcase yet of his delicacy and subtle expressiveness as an acoustic guitarist. Each fingerpicked note glows with intention.” - Andy Cush
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