ANNA VS JUNE : ERSI [Subject To Restrictions]


Catalogue : Subject To Restrictions / 
Format : EP
Condition : New
Released : 2023
Country : Switzerland
Genre : Ambient, World

"As I walk between the shadows I can see my full light" is the mantra and story Anna Vs June tells on "Ersi", her debut on Subject To Restrictions Discs. It is about personal thoughts and experiences on topics like faith and motherhood. Beginning with "As I Walk" as the clumsy state of any beginning, it continues with "Between The Shadows" where Anna relives her years as a teenager. Continuing the narrative with "I Can See", we listen to what it was like to grow up, finally ending with the yearning acceptance of the unknown on "My Full Light". Anna Vs June's musical language is based on her exploration of traditional Greek music, which she learns and whose characteristics she reinterprets in her own production. This album was produced in Anna's studio in Athens during the months of lockdown.
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