Catalogue : Horo ‎/ HOROX38
Format : 2LP, Blue Marble
Condition : New
Country : US
Released : 2019
Genre : Techno, Industrial

Defiance is a collection of tracks constructed while experimentation was underway in the ASC studio between 170BPM Techno and the creation of the Grey Area sound. Upon revision, the vitality and strength of these tunes as a collection became apparent. Leaving these unreleased would be a travesty in our mission to be part of documenting the evolution of the voluminous ASC production legacy. While heavy on effective floor tunes that ASC utilised in his last tour of Europe, Defiance is given an ethereal LP narrative with tunes like opener Exulansis, Tensile, and Sarif. Defiance helps to complete the story of the development of the ASC sound as we know it today. 
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