Catalogue : Warp / WARPLP111R
Format : 2LP, Reissue
Condition : New
Country : UK
Released : 2023
Genre : Experimental, IDM, Electronic

In wondering how to get my head around Autechre's new LP, it never occurred to me that this music might not lend itself very well to aggressive analysis. Not every piece of music begs for intellectual immersion, and of course, not every listener is ready to conduct such an extensive investigation. In fact, most people probably don't waste much time with these things at all, so why should I? I remember how looking for patterns in Confield basically got me nowhere, except to notice that chaos isn't as perfect, crystalline as its made out to be by misunderstood mathematicians and restless musicians. Confield's chaos was digital, but it was also a great mess in places, merely strangely beautiful in others. Yet, despite my considerable missing of the point (and for all I know, I still am), its spark was clear. Sean Booth and Rob Brown constructed a fiber-thin moonscraper of a system: I'm not sure any of it would stand up in the face of analysis, but most of it tears down my attempts without much effort.
By Dominique Leone - Pitchfork
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