Catalogue : Fonal / FR-85LP
Format : LP
Condition : New
Country : Finland
Released : 2012
Genre : Electronic, Pop

Barry Andrewsin Disko is a pseudonymn of Jukka Herva.
Jukka has been recording the material for ‘Kuka siellä?’ steadily, and without any specific plan for a release, for a number of years. The inception of the album came to be when Fonal offered Jukka a recording deal in late 2011, and Jukka and label boss Sami Sänpäkkilä began an intuitive, collaborative selection process from a shortlist of almost 20 songs. A compendium of sorts, some of the songs date to the early 00’s. ‘Pam pam’ and ‘Lampaita’ are some of the first ever B.A.D. recordings. ‘Talitintti’ was composed in 2003 for a short movie, while Rangaistus is from the aforementioned Christmas album from 2004. But of course, the old resides amongst the new – the result being a luxuriant patchwork held tight by a remarkably singular vision.
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