Catalogue : Orila / ORL30
Format : Cassette
Condition : New
Country : Greece
Released : 2019
Genre : Experimental, Ambient

Ernesto Gonzales, or to those traversing the more tasteful festivals and parties of recent years, Bear Bones Lay Low, has slowly cultured a sound and style all of his own, his music being a live performance both welcoming and enthralling. From first sound we get a warm sense of the person and are openly given access to his method as in a rare occurrence, the untrained onlooker gains understanding of what those musical boxes with buttons and flashing lights might actually do. BBLL induces a multilayered trance that allows solemn listening as well as ecstatic dancing in a mental space where the archaic meets the futuristic and the earthly meets the cosmic. Orila is proud to present 7 psychedelic shots to the head with a massive ambient gun. delightfully deranged dubbed out synth oddities from Venezuela, swimming around lo-fi Apache rhythms. Ses Kondi - a mystical musical journey of majestic magnitude.
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Email Me If Price Drops