BEGIN : S/T [ Love International ]


Catalogue :  Love International / LIR001
Format : EP
Condition : New
Country : UK
Released : 2018
Genre : Balearic

Begin aka James Holroyd has a long history with Love International. Dating back to the early 2000s, Holroyd was one of the first guest DJs at the old Garden festival on the former festival site in Petrčane. Long serving Chemical Brothers tour DJ, Back to Basics resident since the 90's and Bugged Out co founder, Begin has long paid his paid his dues to the scene. In the words of Dave Harvey: “he’s been an absolute workhorse in dance music for time”. 
Love International 001's tracks seemingly fit the festivals own daily lifecycle. From the docile guitar picking of meditative EP opener ‘Wood Trees’ to the slow daybreak funk of ‘Daypulse’ where synths pierce through the track like sun rays through the Adriatic dusk, the EP is a holistic reflection of what one might hear at one of the festival’s fabled sunrise sessions. ‘Garden Interlude’ ushers in a fresh burst of energy, with the revitalizing sounds of piano house, paired with warming neo soul vocals. ‘Into The Fun’ is a self fulfilling prophecy, closing the EP on a quintessentially balearic note.
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