Catalogue : Leaving Records / LR164
Format : LP, Limited Edition, Alternate Cover
Condition : Used / Near Mint / Near Mint
Country : US
Released : 2020
Genre : Hip Hop

Black Taffy returns to Leaving Records with Opal Wand, his second LP for the label. The Dallas producer, Donovan Jones, presents a record which maintains his signature sound while advancing it in numerous fascinating directions. Opal Wand operates upon a playful sense of the occult, a mischievous curiosity that gently tears at the already frayed edges of our collective reality. Its twelve tracks conjure up hazy memories of more idyllic times viewed through the dim glass of history. Opal Wand carries itself with the air of a cursed music box, alight with twinkling melodies and dazzling jewels, trapped inside an impending plummet towards darkness. For all of Opal Wand’s thematically heavy, occult underpinnings, as a listening experience it is ominously calm, soothing even. Its tracks, recorded between Texas and Brazil, create an eerie, mystical quality.
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