Catalogue : !K7 / 230LP
Format : LP
Condition : Used / Mint
Country : Germany
Released : 2008
Genre : Electronic

Twenty-one years after their first hit shot into the charts, Bomb The Bass are back, and this time there's not a sample in sight. In the money obsessed, showboating 80s, life was simple, showing off was the way forward, and 'bombing' something was graffiti culture's term for writing on it. For the credit-crunching, planet-saving Noughties, Bomb The Bass have gone back to basics – and Future Chaos is close to perfection.
This is all about the music – stripped back, pared down, simplistic. Think Tim Simenon, co-producer Paul Conboy, a laptop, a mic and a Minimoog at Conboy's kitchen table. Far from an explosion of new techniques, or a blizzard of samples, Future Chaos is old school – but that doesn't mean it isn't also cutting edge.
By Sophie Bruce - BBC Music
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