BORIS HEGENBART : FIRST / DEW [ Care Of Editions ]

Catalogue : Care Of Editions / C / O - 1 / 6
Format : LP, Reissue
Condition : New
Country : Germany
Released : 2013
Genre : Experimental

Though based in Berlin, musically, Care Of Editions focuses on the Los Angeles experimental music scene, with artists whose work is rooted in variants of musique concrète, with defining components of drone and noise.
The latest release, Ezra Buchla’s At the Door, is the most accessible record so far. The LP comprises four tracks, three on the a-side and a single 20-minute musing on the flip side. Buchla creates immersive, intricate, and at times overwhelming soundscapes carried by masterful viola and synth renditions, broken up only by his dark yet soft, almost hushed voice.
Scott Cazan’s Swallow is an album that lingers at the borders between memory, ambience and feedback. It’s built on a patch made of innumerable compositions, the overabundance of which tends to cloud he program’s internal logic. What we hear is the resonance of an impossible space that is, at once, immersive and peripheral.
Boris Hegenbart’s First / Dew branches away from the very beginnings of Hegenbart’s TAU series. It takes his debut album. Hikuioto (a self-published CD released in 1996), and re-imagines it on vinyl. Doing so not only accentuates the array of materials, it proposes an alternate history.
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