CHRIS & COSEY : TECHNO PRIMITIV [Conspiracy International]


Catalogue :  Conspiracy International / CTITR TRUST23
Format : LP, Reissue
Condition : New
Country : Uk
Released : 2023
Genre : Synth Pop, Wave

Chris Carter & Cosey Fanni Tutti’s remastered limited edition vinyl series continues on 4 August 2023 with the release of Technø Primitiv (1985), Trust (1989) and Pagan Tango (1991) – the latter two are available on vinyl for the first time since their original release. The remastered albums will be available on coloured vinyl, each with a printed inner sleeve of archival photos, via CTI. Elemental 7, Muzik Fantastique!, and Feral Vapours of The Silver Ether were released earlier this year, and the series has seen many of Chris & Cosey’s influential albums available on vinyl for the first time, giving listeners a new opportunity to revisit some of their celebrated catalogue. 
1985’s Technø Primitiv, originally released on Rough Trade,  is from Chris & Cosey’s whiplash minimal ‘80s icy synth period.
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Email Me If Price Drops