Catalogue : Wagon Repair / Wag031
Format : 3LP
Condition : Used / Near Mint
Country : Canada
Released : 2007
Genre : Electronic

Cobblestone Jazz are important because they represent an attempt to bring two musical ingredients, live performance and improvisation, to the techno party, a genre where “live” more often than not means pressing play on a software program. Whether it’s a matter of the technology not being up to the task yet, or the difficulty of ‘playing’ instruments which essentially play themselves, true live techno performers are still few and far between, and bands even rarer still. It is an unsatisfying situation for both musicians and audiences alike: solo live p.a’s can often lack the spark of musicians feeding off each other in real time, and you’ve got to feel sorry for the artists, who for lack of a better alternative, make their living running through sets of the same pre-recorded tracks weekend after weekend. No wonder they look so glum.
By Jeremy Armitage - Resident Advisor
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