Catalogue : Imantas / IM.014
Format : CD, Limited Edition
Condition : New
Country : Greece
Released : 2017
Genre : Ambient, Drone, Noise

_You are given the chance to dive intergalactic grass and have a taste of a very personal desert. By now, you could also notice that seaweeds and urchins can be black as can be dangerous and that “nonsense and misspelled” titles make sense sometimes.
_You are welcomed into cORNIzA ‘s sound world, vividly colored, tenderly made short stories, drew together using electronics, various instruments and other noisemaking sources.
Who is . cORNIzA?
_She studied piano from her childhood and theatrology in Athens' Theater School. As a musician Corniza uses hardware and software instruments in addiction to her classical education to define herself as an avant-garde artist and create a personal musical reality. "Corniza's Noise" is her first release for Imantas Records. An electronic synthesis of ambient textures and classical composition. Electronic and theatrical nuances are mixed with distorted guitar and organs. Thematically, the album is filled with images of disconnection, miscommunication, marginalization, desperation and distortion. Corniza finds the way between technology and romanticism to create unique ambiences and soundscapes introducing a new level of melodic and rhythmic sophistication inspired by classic music composers.
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Email Me If Price Drops