Catalogue : Film / FILM007
Format : EP
Condition : New
Country : Greece
Released : 2017
Genre :  Electro, Industrial, Noise.

Available Friday March 2.
Shadowy multidisciplinary artist & videographer Denial of Service returns to FILM for an extended EP of wrought iron electronics, channeling the spirit of classic Electro, Industrial & Noise.
The artist, active since the 1980’s producing video work for a host of high profile names - including not least David Bowie, currently transmits sporadically from an undisclosed location, though contemporary work has appeared on The Creators Project, as well as making the Vimeo Staff Picks on an almost regular basis. Recently, video commissions for Minimal Wave & Jealous God affiliate In Aeternam Vale have appeared online, showcasing the artist’s trademark crushed, hallucinatory visual aesthetic.
If 2015’s Sensou EP communicated a more brooding, emotive side to Denial of Service - then Contour & Shape works in stark contrast. The palette remains relatively unchanged, with the 808 providing the backbone for most of the compositions, paired with the same warped vox and heady synth leads - but this time around the production aesthetic is harsh and abrasive and there’s a powerful, burning immediacy to the work. Gone are the delicate, introspective leads & gently saturated drums, and in their place bursts of caustic, high energy noise and twisted drum machine strikes - and though much of the more tentatively dance floor material sticks to a stepping half time rhythm, 4x4 moments make a welcome appearance.
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Email Me If Price Drops