DENNIS YOUNG : VISIONS [ Daehan Electronics ]


Catalogue : Daehan Electronics ‎/ DE005
Format : Vinyl, LP
Condition : New
Country : South Korea
Released : 2019
Genre : New Age, Ambient

Somehow evading everyone’s radar until now (and even still we can’t see the original tape for sale anywhere), ‘’Visions’ finally comes into the spotlight, showcasing Dennis Young stylistically  operating light years away from Liquid Liquid, but actually only seven years since he laid down one of dance music’s foundational grooves with ‘Cavern.’
Newly augmented with rediscovered material, Young’s 1988 album ‘Visions’ is a strange ride, still urged by his signature drum work, but more fleshed out with FM synths and cubist MIDI bass twang. The previously unheard ‘Dreamland’ sets out the album’s feel, sharing a esoteric. synthy vision with the other unreleased bit ‘Eastern Skies’,  which also shares a naif, “orientalist” breeziness in common with ‘Indonesia Eyes’ and ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, while we find his percussive sensibilities pulled in new directions from the woozy ‘Shangri-La’, to the sprung step of ‘Volcano Cathedral’ and the Suba-esque ‘Olympus Mons.’
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