Catalogue : Intersonik / INT001
Format : LP, Limited, Gatefold
Condition : New
Country : Greece
Released : 2018
Genre : Experimental, Ambient

Intersonik Recordings presents a limited edition of 180 gram vinyl records of previously unreleased material composed by Dimitris Kamarotos, titled “Εlectromagnetic Landscapes”, ranging from Avant-garde to Εlectro-Acoustic and Ambient.
Dimitris began his career in 1979 using a mix of both analog and digital technologies. In particular, he made use of the analog EMS SYNTHI VCS3, the “4Χ” real time digital system (IRCAM, Paris, France), the UPIC System created by Iannis Xenakis (Center of Modern Music Research, Athens, Greece), Spectrum, Apple McIntosh personal computers and custom circuitries to create his early compositions.
Starting back in Paris in 1983 all the way up to Athens in 2016, he has created numerous audio compositions using both modern studio techniques as well as live performances.
This collection was created as a result of detailed research through Dimitris’s previously unreleased material, which included his private collection of analog reel-to-reel tapes, Hard discs and 48Kb digital memory devices!
“Εlectromagnetic Landscapes” is available in Gatefold form, including unique photography and accompanied writings by the composer himself.
Email Me If Price Drops
Email Me If Price Drops