Catalogue : Mannequin / MNQ058
Format : LP, Reissue
Condition : Used / Very Good +
Country : Germany
Released : 2016
Genre : Wave, Synth Pop

Formed in 1978 during the twilight years of the Berlin School of Electronics, Din A Testbild emerged as pioneers of Berlin’s new wave with the patronage of Berlin skool caretaker Klaus Schulze, who produced and mixed the duo’s debut at his studio, and also issued it on his Innovative Communication label in 1980.
Their 1981 follow-up, Programm 2 was executed under pretty much the same conditions as its predecessor, and follows that era’s rapid expansion and evolution to pursue diverse, prescient lines of enquiry: fathoming the 12 minutes of minimal, mid-air hyper-shuffle and cackling arpeggios of Satisfactory next to the breath-taking alien electro-jazz of Tight Pants, which sounds something like Vangelis and Göttsching jamming with Bruce Haack, but even better; whereas the B-side turns much darker, weirder, scanning out the surreally patched dimensions and prurient expressions of Lasst Uns Singen beside the beautifully spacious, skizzy stepper Logischer Gefreierpunkt and the sorrowful synthetic tristesse of Harrakiry Mon Amour.
You may think you’ve heard it all before, but this isn’t just-another-classic-synth-reissue; it’s a really killer record that stands up beyond the shelves of completists and neeks, and sounds as good as ever even 35 years after release thanks to a fine master by Rude 66.
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