Catalogue : Nyege Nyege / NNT016
Format : 2LP, Clear Vinyl
Condition : New
Country : Uganda
Released : 2019
Genre : Electronic, African

Following on from releases from Otim Alpha’s retrospective, Gulu City Anthems and Langi Griot Ekuka’s first ever release to the outside world; Nyege Nyege Tapes continues its archeology of Luo sonic culture with this 15 track compilation exploring the birth of Electronic Acholi dance music in Northern Uganda.
The electronic re-interpretation of traditional Acholi courtship songs began in Northern Uganda, primarily in the cities of Gulu and Lira around 2003, when Northern Uganda was still mired in a brutal civil war at huge human cost to the civilian population. This album compiles 15 tracks from the scenes heyday between 2003- 2008 all recorded in various studios in those two cities.
First performed at weddings, they replaced the much larger traditional Larakaraka bands that under war time conditions had become too costly for many newly weds to afford (troupes could consist up to 25 members). Young producers around the time using fruity loops formed recording studios that offered all inclusive packages where they would write a song for a newly wedded couple and then film the wedding and also perform the commissioned song at the ceremony.
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