Catalogue : Magnetron / MAG080
Format : LP
Condition : New
Country : Netherlands
Released : 2015
Genre : Electronic, Pop

Fatima Yamaha's first release 'A Girl Between Two Worlds' (2004), including the masterpiece 'What's A Girl To Do' has been lingering since it first came out. The story of "What's A Girl To Do" is nearly as brilliant as the song itself. It took almost a decade until the world acknowledged the tracks brilliance. After being sampled by Hudson Mohawke on his 2015 album 'Lantern' and much demand, it was finally been reissued on Magnetron Music alongside Dekmantel. Fatima Yamaha is not only the creator of this music, she is also the subject of it. Each song explores the concept, the live, the joys and struggles of a girl born between worlds. Born between ages. Too many words might upset this delicate self-exploratory cycle. Fatima Yamaha. Not a Creature of Culture Creation. A Girl Between two Worlds, a Citizen of the Universe. What's a girl to Do when Love Invades and Imaginary Lines become real borders? Midnight Crossing like a Sooty Shearwater to a place sweet as Plum Jelly. Eating Sushi and Baklava. At the Foot of Mount Ararat, skinny dipping in Sazak Bay. Departures on the bullet train in the pale moonlight, rising to the occasion again and again.
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