Catalogue : Jazzman Records Ltd. / JMANLP130
Format : 2LP
Condition : New
Country : UK
Released : 2018
Genre : Soul, Exotica

The third in a new series from Jazzman featuring selections from Greasy Mike, the notoriously shady Super Spiv from the dark underworld of super rare records!
After many years in hiding, we've finally persuaded Greasy Mike to open up his vinyl dungeon, and we were first to raid it!
In this adventure Greasy Mike finds himself lost in the wilderness; hot, thirsty and alone under the unforgiving desert sun. He's been days without food and water; the heat of the day stifling almost beyond endurance, the cold of night a trial of torment. Survival seems impossible - or does it? Staggering across the sandy plains, the eerie yet unmistakable sound of a snake charmer's reed curiously winds its way into his ears. Instinctively he turns his head towards the sound - and lo! An oasis just ahead! Music, laughter - and belly dancers!!!
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Email Me If Price Drops