PreoCatalogue : Suburban Base  ‎/ SUBBASELP8
Format : 4LP, 
Condition : New
Country : UK
Released : 2022
Genre : Drum & Bass, Jungle

MC DUKE was one of the first UK rappers to find a serious level of success, laying the ground work for a generation of hip hop talent to follow. As well as being a UK hip hop legend, he was also one of the pioneers of the early British hardcore / jungle sound & owner of the Hard Disk record label.The legacy of MC Duke with the early rave sound was cemented in history forever when The Prodigy sampled his voice for their chart topping hit Everybody In The Place! He was also one of the first MC's on London's infamous Kool FM. As a producer Duke was signed to the Boogie Times label, sister imprint of the genre defining Suburban Base, under the alias E.K.U.D.C.M. (which is MC Duke spelled backwards).The first slice of vinyl on this collection features rare cuts from 1993 and perfectly showcases the evolution of the rave era into the sound that was at the time described as jungle techno, the precursor to jungle as we now know it.Vinyl number 2 is the one that will get the collectors salivating. Featuring music by The Man With No Name, currently the only copies of these tracks are available at an asking price of Â£167 on the resale market, with people already parting with up to Â£155 to own a copy via re-seller site discogs!Our third & fourth disc once again features 2 of MC Dukes alias' with the darkside goodness that is Quiji Board, and closes with the most up to date track from the compilation by Phiziks previously unreleased on vinyl.All tracks on this Hard Disk compilation have been expertly re-mastered to give you the optimum listening experience while retaining that authentic early 90's sound you'd expect. This four-part vinyl collection is placed in a beautiful presentation box for which we've digitally re-created the original artwork style from Hard Disk releases back in the day to make this a true collector piece for those wanting a genuine piece of UK culture history.
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Email Me If Price Drops