Catalogue : BORING MACHINES / Eratp032   
Format : 2LP
Condition : New
Country : Italy
Released : 2015
Genre : Progressive Rock

Heroin In Tahiti return with “Sun And Violence”: a new, mammoth double LP which ideally stands for the technicolor version of their “Canicola” cassette, released in 2014 by No=FI Recordings.
As with the aforementioned tape, source and inspiration of “Sun And Violence” is Italian folklore and the work of ethnomusicologist Diego Carpitella in Southern Italy during the 50s. 
This time, Heroin In Tahiti abandon the freaked out approach of the previous release, for an almost prog-infused sequence of psychedelic folk dances, spacey tarantellas,
twangy guitars, black market hymns and Joe Meek-style homages to the sinking of Costa Concordia.
An epic journey into the abyss of Mediterranean psyche, “Sun And Violence” is easily the most ambitious statement from the authors of “Death Surf. 
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Email Me If Price Drops