HET ZWEET : ARCHIVES VOL.1 (82-88) [Modal Analysis]

Catalogue : Modal Analysis / MALP03
Format : 2LP, Vinyl + CD
Condition : New
Country : Greece
Released : 2023
Genre : Techno, Electro

Following the experimental streak thrown down by our two released albums, Modal Analysis proudly presents Het Zweet – Archives Volume 1: 1982-1988, a compilation of the Dutch outsider legend painstakingly picked from over 100 hours of unheard tape. An early electronic pioneer who employed homemade percussion, wind, and string instruments alongside a few more modern pieces, mainly a Korg MS-10 and the tape recorder he used as his primary composition tool, Marien Van Oers occupies a lonely branch on the tree of this music’s early efforts. In sixteen pieces ranging from only seconds to well over ten minutes, we explore the full breadth of his accomplishments, from familiar pounding industrial grooves with vocals to ambient fragments and into extended, entrancing efforts bridging this gap but finding few parallels.
Most closely akin to Muslimgauze, Test Dept. or Fad Gadget, all musicians who shared his outsider practice while remaining thoroughly immersed in contemporary sounds that paralleled their own work, Het Zweet is striking for the diversity of his sound and for its meticulous composition, formed of carefully arranged layers of sonic detritus culled from his collection of homemade instrumentation and electronic distortions. Also included is a live document from February 1984 in his hometown of Breda, Holland, whose sparse crowd noise and raw phonics tell all too well the difficulties of his music then as now. Finally rising to greater exposure since his death in 2013 alongside similarly minded, now-departed contemporaries like Byrn Jones, whose works also prominently appeared on the Staalplaat label/zine, 2022 marked the high point thus far of Van Oers’ reevaluation. Modal Analysis passionately continues this mission with our first volume of archives dedicated to the memory of this bold innovator gone before his time. 
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