Catalogue: Genot Centre ‎/ GEN035
Format : Cassette
Condition : New
Country : Czech Republic
Released : 2019
Genre : Electronic

INDIVIDUAL DROPS by ICE_EYES is a cold-blooded showcase of dynamic sound organization, where sputtering shreds of sound cluster into larger scale rhythm units, before shattering into new formations once again. Sounds here are sliced, combed, atomized and always performing new acrobatics around the indeterminate no man's land of the rhythm-pitch transition zone, yet somehow never straying too far from advanced dancefloor-ready syncopations. The tonal medium of these broken rhythmic arrangements immediately suggests something trembling with cutting edge technological infrastructure, where harmonically dense pads evoke a long forgotten IDM cgi landscape, where hybridized sounds rattle through an elaborate piping system. Warbled mumblings remind us this music is still situated in the realm of the human, but one where every transmission first passes through a chain of paranoia, interception, re-encodings and subversive content barricades. The album is finished off with each track rearranged once again by a handful of masterful remixers.
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