Catalogue : Midnight Shift Records ‎/ MNSX018
Format : EP
Condition : New
Country : Singapore
Released : 2019
Genre : Techno, House

Releases by Intergalactic Gary are few and far between. Besides a handful of collaborations such as The Parallax Corporation (with I-F) and with Pasiphae, the must-know DJ from Den Haag has largely been about his talent behind the decks. We are thus extremely honoured to have him break the mould with us for his first solo EP release in 15 years — ’Signs of Disarray’.
Injecting a fresh spirit amidst today’s mass productions, the sounds will immediately capture vintage ears. The pacing well measured, the storytelling a precious capsule from a time past. In essence, 4-tracks impossible to replicate unless you are the one and only time-bending and time-travelling Intergalactic Gary.
Hop on board the bird trip with title track ‘Signs of Disarray’, a hurtling sonic obstacle course which gives a brief but soul-drenched reprieve. Onward, ‘Invisible Intruder’ chronicles a battle propelled by gun shots and recoils. The B side consists of the tools: ’Nickel from The Bumper’, a liminal ride for that nth hour of your set and ‘Mystified’, a ghostly apparition to surface at highly selected dance floors under the right musical conjurers.
A1, A2 and B1 mixed by our good friend Redshape, all tracks mastered and cut by the legendary Simon at The Exchange with artwork by our friendly neighbour and artist Kohei Matsunaga and layout by our crew member, Naomi Clair. 
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Email Me If Price Drops