JACY : SOUND OF ELEVEN [House Of Bellagio]


Catalogue : House of bellagio / HBG001
Format : EP, Mini Album
Condition : New
Country : Italy
Released : 2024
Genre : House

Jacy’s journey in music is marked by a steadfast commitment to exploring and evolving the boundaries of house music. His notable contributions to the Home of House label, along with his impressive releases on esteemed platforms like Kalahari Oyster Cult, OATH and Hot Haus Records, showcase his versatility and profound understanding of the genre. The distinct style of Jacy, often associated with the ‘Dream House’ movement, gained wider recognition through the acclaimed ‘Welcome To Paradise’ compilations by Safe Trip, where his tracks left an indelible mark on listeners. His style, a fusion of gentle yet dynamic rhythms and lush soundscapes, is hard to encapsulate in mere words. Each Jacy record offers a unique auditory journey, inviting listeners into a world where each beat and melody is a brushstroke in an ever-evolving canvas of sound. While his music can mean different things to different people, one aspect remains universally acknowledged: experiencing a Jacy track is an unparalleled musical voyage, a testament to his enduring influence and mastery in the realm of electronic music.
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