JAMES K : 036 [AD 93]


Catalogue : AD 93 / WHYT036
Format : LP, Vinyl, EP, Limited Edition
Condition : New
Country : UK
Released : 2021
Genre : Electronic

New York musician and artist James Krasner approaches electronic pop the way Cindy Sherman does portraiture—her work feels like a constant process of trying on and shedding new guises. Her latest record, for AD 93, dips into shoegaze and psychedelic folk over five tracks, but "Ultra Facial!" is the rave-pop centerpiece. Angelic synths and sax float over a wobbly, rhythm section that could hold down a club scene in a turn-of-the-century video game. Above it all, Krasner is a hypnagogic dancefloor diva, hitting inscrutable but euphoric territory reminiscent of Noble Savage-era Maria Minerva.
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