Catalogue : Many Scribes / 001-1
Format : LP
Condition : Used / Very Good Plus
Country : Greece
Released : 2013
Genre : Experimental, Wave

Τwo years after the release of Monkshood LP, Joalz returns with new recordings.
‘ Hello darkness my friend ‘ it is a four song E.P featuring actress & singer Mary Tsoni, known for her play at the Oscar nominated film ‘ Dogtooth ‘ .
The band here interferes the psychedelic side of its rock influence from the early Krautrock days of Amon Duul. The Can, Faust & Aphrodite’s Child. 
A balanced conflict between basses, guitars, electronic analoq synthesis & Mary Tsoni’s theatrical performance, leads to a darker but more extrovert sound.
The E.P starts with ‘ Oh darlin' Margaret ’, low frequencies scapes, meets guitars drones, while the delusional Mary’s performance accompanied by thereminist May Roosevelt.
Keeping the same ingredients in Jay Hawkins ‘ Alligator wine ’ lyrics cover, Mary Tsoni dares to compete her voodoo hero with a creepy and yet stunning interpretation.
Haunted by the words of Daphne Richardson writing ‘ Outspoken you are ‘ it’s a talk-style song. A monster bass & a tight drum set enticingly wanders through Dimitris Zografos guitars.
‘ Text 1018 ‘ with a repeated bass, the crawling whispers & a raw guitar melody chained with the ms20 synth, pleasantly shrinks your room.
Andrew Weatherall : played at his white lines radio show.
Plissken festival  : Once more a fantastic work.
Anika ( Stones Throw ) : Really cool, really nice E.P , love the vocals
John Kennedy : Nice bonkers stuff airplay at XFM London
ZDF radio Germany ‘ Alligator Wine ‘ playlist
MTV Germany ‘ Outspoken you are ‘ video on rotation.
"A not everyday listening experience, which a music freak with a penchant for the exotic should never miss ." Roteraupe magazine. 
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Email Me If Price Drops