Catalogue : All Saints / WAST008LP
Format : 2LP
Condition : Used / NM / NM
Country : Europe
Released : 2018
Genre : Ambient, Jazz, Experimental 

City is the latest of Jon Hassell's forays into what he calls the "Fourth World." A composer, trumpeter, and sometimes collaborator with like minds such as Brian Eno and David Sylvian, Hassell dreamt up Fourth World over 15 years ago. Fourth World music is the soundtrack to an imaginary future culture based on the mingling/mangling of ancient and modern, Western sophistication and Third World primitivism. It's music for nowhere/nowhen, a place that doesn't actually exist yet. Hence the subtitle, Works Of Fiction. 
Hassell's incredible music simulates the individual adrift, saturated to the point of collapse by the city in its fractured intensity. The dense polyrhythmic undergrowth, the oblique glimmers of synth, the apprehensive funk-pulse, Hassell's woozy, hieroglyphic trumpet, the moth-mad whirr of guitar (Chic on PCP), create the impression of being dazed and distracted by light glancing off surfaces, by indecipherable sounds coming at you from every angle. Titles like "Mombassa", "Tikal", "City Of Red Dust", evoke the sprawling conurbations of the Third World, where nomad and peasant cultures mingle promiscuously with post-colonialism, shanty towns juxtapose with skyscrapers, mutoid waste encounters gleaming hi-tech. 
City: Works Of Fiction is a playground for the unconscious, and as Hassell says, "There's no such thing as a dull unconscious." It's a labyrinth of deadly, deranging beauty, amaze of mirrors. Get lost. 
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