Catalogue : Doxy / DOZ414LP
Format : LP, Reissue
Condition : New
Country : Europe
Released : 2011
Genre : Electronic, Experimental, Classical

Kontakte (1959-60), Stockhausen's first piece to use both electronics and traditional instruments together, marks a turning point in his career, when his music was beginning to show the influences of American avant-garde jazz and composers like John Cage. In Kontakte live musicians play alongside a tape recording of percussion sounds that have been altered by different electronic devices. Stockhausen wanted the musicians to improvise over the prepared tape, but the musicians were at such a loss that Stockhausen eventually had to score the instrumental parts as well. Performed by Christoph Caskel, David Tudor, Gottfried Michael Koenig and Stockhausen in K«Óln, 1960.
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