KHAM MESLIEN : FANTOMES...FUTUR [Heavenly Sweetness]

Catalogue : Heavenly Sweetness /  HS234VL
Format : LP, Reissue
Condition : New
Country : France
Released : 2022
Genre : Free Jazz, World

A festival organizer asks for a solo, and it is for Kham Meslien the trigger as much as the revelation. Twenty years of loyal service in a band, and Kham left the artistic direction of his career to the strings of his double bass. From now on, this one should take the less codified road of music where freedom reigns. That of jazz and its improvisations dictated by the moment, that of purely instrumental compositions. Written and honed on stage, Kham's compositions have benefited from an imposed lock down to be refined and immortalized in "Fantômes.Futurs", his first solo album.
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