Catalogue : Second Circle /  SC018
Format : LP, Vinyl
Condition : New
Country : Netherlands
Released : 2020
Genre : House, Nu Disco 

The eighteenth release on Second Circle is the label's second exploration into an artists archival works this time presenting a selection of four early tracks by theatre, film and music producer Can Oral under his Khan alias. Can Oral's nightly studio sessions eventually led to an almost inexhaustible discography with over a dozen monikers each representing a different aspect of his productions. SC018 focuses then on his early electronic works as Khan. Named after the color painted studio where the EP was produced between 1993-1996, 'Blue Box Sessions' is a collection of four analogue machine driven cuts, covering different tempos and ethos within electronic music. Initially live recorded to an old DAT recorder, and without any overdubs, SC018 is a lost and found artefact to Khan's unquestioned raw talent and timeless relevance. 
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