KOSTADIS : EMERALD [Orila, Aar, Untitled-1]

Catalogue : Orila, Unttiled-1, Aar / UNT11
Format : LP
Condition : New,
Country : Greece
Released : 2022
Genre : Experimental, Ambient

This new set of recordings is a declaration of neo geo pop exuberance that boldly contradicts the back catalogue of punk, drone and noise abstractions that Kostadis had become synonymous with.Its 11 tracks set the stage for a contemporary synth panorama of treated vocals, downbeat compositions and minimal electronics, a blend of African polyrhythms and space age music.Earthy, meditative and lush, ‘Emerald’ instantly transports the listener to a sensual dreamscape. It eliminates the distinction between experimentalism and pop, while re-imagining classic masters, like Vangelis, Yellow Magic Orchestra and Mike Oldfield.
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Email Me If Price Drops