Catalogue : Sweetohm
Format : EP
Condition : New
Country : Greece
Released : 2018
Genre : Experimental, Noise

FRAGMENTS emerges at dusk, within the damp textures of a composite, dense vegetation: a fictive invention orchestrated within the echoes of pebbles, magpies, wind and water – sound waves reflected from a distant childhood. This vantage point takes the exploration further to a place that lingers between the concrete urban routine and the porous terrains of KOSTADIS’ spiritual escape, where a series of halcyon, discontinuous virescent hues, hums and chirps is pervaded by the inherent agony of the imaginary. 
The distinctive organic character of the electroacoustic environment in FRAGMENTS results from the adroit use of modular live electronics, ribbon device, voice, field recordings, tapes and drum machines, the latter being a step into hitherto uncharted territory from KOSTADIS’ previous recordings. Tracing the diy, self-explored limits of 21st century musique concrète, KOSTADIS literally amplifies any possible surface and transforms it to a percussive irregularity. 
Like groups of words that look like sentences but aren't, the scattered narration of FRAGMENTS’ fictitious pseudo-orchestra resonates its essential entity. 
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Email Me If Price Drops