Catalogue : L.I.E.S. / LIES122
Format : LP
Condition : New
Country : US
Released : 2018
Genre : Soundtrack, Ambient 

Originally released as a limited run cassette on Low Jack's Editons Gravats label in 2017, now get an official vinyl pressing via L.I.E.S. Krikor Kouchian serves this killer soundtrack to the documentary 'Arabie Saoudite: Les Liaisons Dangerousness' Where the French TV program focuses on the Saudi royal family’s support of Wahhabism and the West’s appeasement of Saudi foreign policy, Kouchian underlines and accentuates the content with a brooding blend of mirage-like electronics and minimalist drum machine geometries. A deviation from his previous works and he moves into appropriately darker synth territory with this one.
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Email Me If Price Drops