KRIS BAHA : IN YOUR ARMS [ She Lost Kontrol ]

Catalog: She Lost Kontol / SLK007
Format: LP
Condition: New
Country: Germany
Released: 2018
Genre: Electro, Techno, Industrial

The sound of this 12" extended EP is sad as it is romantic, filling the void of most things that are present in our lives, albeit momentarily. 'In Your Arms' is not the defeat but the endless struggle, the serendipitous celebration of loss. Within the lyrical confines as dark as the period that brought them to light, he screams about fighting and resisting in a cruel present through a selfless in-look for an outsider's perspective into what it means to him and us to have lost to love, lost to lust and lost to death. Every end has a beginning.
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Email Me If Price Drops