KU : GANJA [ Inner Ear ]


Catalogue : Inner Ear / INN136L
Format : LP
Condition : New
Country : Greece
Released : 2017
Genre : Electronic, Pop

Since KU’s 2013 debut “Feathers”, many things have changed. Inside a turmoil of global and personal changes with an aftermath taking the lead and while his other projects (Jay Glass Dubs and The Hydra) started taking off, he decided it was time for all the material laying dormant in his demos to take shape into a second album.
Spiraling from the throbbing force of “A Happening” to the shuttered melancholy of “Cypriol”, “Ganja” is an album of departures and arrivals, a faint signature of a life past and the decision for a new one. The album’s lyrics are the main objective. Holding strong position on matters such as power, love, ambition and depression, it underlines the addiction that may come to all of the above separately and simultaneously.
Recorded live in its larger amount, with the talent, musicianship and knowledge of his long time collaborators Baby Guru in their Marginalia Studio and produced by the band’s Prins Obi and King Elephant as well as KU himself, in Mondays between May and June 2015, “Ganja” is a personal story sung and played between friends who fight, love, decide and forget each other but never unknow what brings them together. That sacramental moment when everything is in sync and the words and sounds float freely and fill up the room like smoke from a dried out herb.
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Email Me If Price Drops