KW : ALTGR [Ilian Tape]


Catalogue : Ilian Tape / IT
Format : Vinyl, 12"
Condition : New
Country : Germany
Released : 2023
Genre : Dubstep, Drum & Bass 

KW has long been a talented producer who has operated in the shadows. He emerges from them now with another EP on Ilian Tape only six or so months after his last standout effort. Altgr is another fine one that opens with 'Midnight Run', a skittish flurry of breakbeats and snares, grumbling bass and kinetic energy that never lets up. 'Paste' is just as rhythmically inventive, this time lurching backwards and forwards but with more pensive pads and 'Copy' keeps up the leftfield inventions that make this return so welcome. 'Lastmin_Res' closes out in head-spinning fashion.
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Email Me If Price Drops