LAPALUX : RUINISM [ Brainfeeder ]


Catalogue : Brainfeeder / BF061
Format : 2LP, Black Vinyl Edition
Condition : New
Country : UK
Released : 2017
Genre : Electronic

Lapalux releases his third album, “Ruinism”, on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint. His previous LP, “Lustmore” was partially inspired by the concept of hypnagogia, a suspension of consciousness occurring between wakefulness and sleep. Throughout “Ruinism” the British producer takes this exploration further, journeying onward to the more ominous limbo space between life and death. In this liminal space where the finite and infinite intermingle, Lapalux sounds more at home than ever.
Much of “Ruinism”’s inspiration was born out of a theatrical score Lapalux (aka Stuart Howard) wrote for the performance art piece “Depart” which was performed in an East London cemetery. The aptly named project served as genesis for a direction wrought with doom and melancholia. “Ruinism” is all sonic wreckage and rubble created using only hardware and real instruments. The sound simultaneously destroys and redeems itself across a tight and formidable forty-eight minutes.
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