Catalogue : Deathbomb Arc / DBA287
Format : LP, Vinyl, Limited
Condition : New
Country : US
Released : 2022
Genre : Experimental, Noise

The Lolina project emerged at a time when CDJs became standard in clubs and artists from many disciplines began exploring their possibilities.
In Lolina’s records and performances, they are used as a live sampling tool allowing her to move between composition and improvisation. On “Fast Fashion”, discarded vocal takes and phone recordings made while watching videos online or walking down the street are re-sampled across long-form collages. “Mark Ronson’s TED Talk Intro (Using Computer Remix)”, restyles a lecture about sampling and constructed of samples into a track that can’t be contained by any of its elements. Relaxed beats break down into stuttering, jokes turn into abstract situations, and meaning is altered through repetition. With transitions between different parts defining the listening experience, “Fast Fashion” reveals a process by which one thing can be changed into another.
“Fast Fashion” is Lolina’s fifth album and first working with Deathbomb Arc. Lolina previously released music as Inga Copeland and was a member of the band Hype Williams between 2009 — 2013.
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