Catalogue : Warp Records ‎/ WAP425
Format : Vinyl, 12", EP
Condition : New
Country : UK
Released : 2018
Genre : Electronic, Techno

Lorenzo Senni makes a welcome return with XAllegroX / The Shape of Trance To Come, two tracks that step deeper into his trance-heavy ultraworld excursions. Arriving neatly within one of Warp's classic purple disco (well, trance) bags, this is an incredibly fitting move as the sounds within follow the lineage of legendary purple sleeved 12"s by the likes of LFO, Sweet Exorcist & GAK.
Returning to the scene of his Persona EP, Lorenzo's first new music in almost a year sees him land fully armed with his trusty Roland JP-8000. Freshly programmed to unleash a whirlwind of strobes, stripped back breaks, and arpeggiated basslines that set controls for the heart of his deep-seated influences of straight-edge punk hardcore. Like all of the greatest hardcore, the feeling of forever reaching into the distance, chasing that euphoric serotonin drenching that is forever just one more drop away is ever present, yet the artist's personal straight-edgedness ensures that it never strays away from the expertly tuned rhythm patterns that can only have come from the mind of one, Lorenzo Senni.
Stone cold classic Warp gear of the highest order, Lorenzo's finest moments liquefied and injected directly into your spine.
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Email Me If Price Drops