Catalogue : Nova Mute / NOMU70LP
Format : 2LP
Condition : Used / Near Mint
Country : UK
Released : 1999
Genre : Electronic

During my adolescence, I was an outsider. I was separate from my fellows not because of some heinous act of villainy or a disturbed love of bus tickets. Nope, I was shunned because Nature decided to play the cruelest trick on this developing youth. Nature instructed my pituitary gland to make my nasal cartilage grow at a hyper-accelerated rate. My conk was totally out of proportion with the rest of my soon-to-be gangly self. I would never score.
I sought solace in music. Like the other hormonal freaks I knew, I chose the Jesus and Mary Chain/ Joy Division axis to ally myself with. Though I must confess to splitting over to the Smiths enclave more than a few times. The brothers Reid and Ian Curtis offered me a place where I wouldn't be derided for my waywardness. The music existed because of waywardness. If Nature was cruel to me, music could, in part, alleviate the punishment.
By Paul Cooper - Pitchfork
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