Catalogue : Lurid ‎/ LURID11
Format : LP
Condition : NEW
Country : US
Released : 2019
Genre : Ambient, Electronic

Polyarrythmics is an EP by Mark Spn, a music producer and sound engineer who lives in London. While this is his debut EP under this moniker, he has recorded under various other aliases, one favourite being Holdie Gawn on Sylphe Records. This release slows things down a notch from Mark's other output. He presents a densely layered work that conjures Herbie Hancock's sextant & Kirk Degiorgio's arps, J. Majik's mermaids & Underdog's attic tapes. It is cerebral and cohesive, made to be consumed as a sum of its parts: found sounds and urban field recordings, hushed Hammond grooves and modulated keys, muffled beats and unsyncopated rhythms, flickering electronics and hovering pianos. Artist John Tsombikos has been commissioned to provide one-off artwork for the limited edition physical product.
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Email Me If Price Drops