Catalogue : Inner Ear / INN144L
Format : LP, Limited Edition, Coloured
Condition : New
Country : Greece
Released : 2017
Genre : Rock, Pop

Melt Mountain is one’s inner most angst, a gut feeling of a frivolous daily routine, a hopeless bus ride that’s only meant to show you how things may seem through a window as you swiftly pass by, with no intention of getting off. This has been the case since 2014 when they released their self-titled EP, carving up a musical landscape in a whimsical sense while also setting up intricate foundations with a narrative that most people can relate to.
“Superfetish” has explored more of the depths that the band was willing to go to. Lyrically it is very much influenced by urban culture, life and conduct, as complex and unforgiving as it gets. It navigates the recluse mind and the misunderstood personality. At the same time their music joins the dots between the abstract thought process captured in words with the same riffing mountain melting power that has come to define them.
The album was produced by the band and most of it was recorded live in four days at Urban Studios (Athens) in February 2016. All the artwork illustrations were created by Never Brush My Teeth.
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