Catalogue : Research / RREP02
Format : Vinyl, 7"
Condition : New
Country : Australia
Released : 2018
Genre : Jazz, Funk

Early in 2018, the world was introduced to Mildlife through their debut album Phase. Mildlife’s knack for locked-in grooves and celestial tones features heavily across ‘Phase II’, a more than 11-minute sonic journey. Kevin McDowell's synth soars while Adam Halliwell’s growing prowess as a flautist is peppered over James Donald’s shimmering percussion. Shortly after, Tom Shanahan's phased bass appears, and the four lock into a groove that gives a subtle nod to 1960s Krautrock band, Can. It’s not long before ‘Phase II’ erupts into a cosmic jazz-funk that urges you to move. It sucks you in, free of worry and consequence; utterly otherworldly. It’s no surprise that the band has been described as 'kaleidoscopic', 'irresistible' and 'enchanting'. With Mildlife, you’ll always leave wanting more. 
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