MODERAT : REMINDER [ Monkeytown ]


Catalogue : Monkeytown / MTR
Format : 10"inch Vinyl, Limited
Condition : New
Country : Germany
Released : 2016
Genre : Electronic, Pop

Moderat is the alliance of Berlin’s electronic heavy weights, Modeselektor and Apparat. Like very few other artists they manage to fuse rousing basslines and intense breakbeats with gripping songs and a highly individual voice. With "Reminder", the three give a first impression of their anticipated third album. The strikingly beautiful song takes off where their 2014 hit "Bad Kingdom" left off. Developing a verypersonal combination of modesty and honesty, Apparat takes his vocal style to another level. The lyrics deal with the possibility of a new beginning: Instead of blaming others, we should assume responsibility
for our situation. This is a liberating experience, it empowers us to let the debris go up in flames and have them lead the way to new experiences. Modeselektor underpin the beautiful vocals with subtle percussive grooves. As the icing on the cake, gleaming synthesizer sounds immerse the voice fully.
With the exclusive track "Fondle" the trio expose a seldom seen side of their music. The slow, heavy groove alternates between a deep Chicago House Sound and hypnotic, drifting Dubstep. As a counterbalance to this deeply felt rhythmical heartbeat Moderat place elegiac, spherical sound scapes, while Apparat drifts off in a remote and dreamy state.
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