Catalogue : Honest Jons / HJRLP 72
Format : 2LP
Condition : New
Country : UK
Released : 2015
Genre : Electronic, Dub, Afro

Co-architect of Afro-beat, the legendary drummer Tony Allen has taken over percussion duties. The project’s trajectory is maintained — fearlessly combining dubwise techno, classical music and jazz — but the prevailing mood feels looser and more organic than ever before. Allen’s imperious percussive work sits tantalisingly in the mix. The funkiest drummer in the world meets the electronics of Von Oswald and Loderbauer in ways that render the project in fresh, vivid colours.
There are 4/4 tracks, beatless interludes and complex jazz structures — propulsive (3) or in the pocket (1); with signature Allen embellishments (4) or with spectral synths to the fore (5). The sense of space is dramatically immense; every crevice is richly detailed.
Individually, von Oswald, Loderbauer and Allen are formidable and hugely influential musicians. As a trio, they’ve conjured something truly remarkable.|
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Email Me If Price Drops