Catalogue : Sacred Bones Records ‎/ SBR-3030
Format : Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Black Vinyl Edition
Condition : New
Country : US
Released : 2019
Genre : Ambient, New Age

Buy a plant, go home with a free record—that was the deal in 1976 at Mother Earth Plant Boutique on Los Angeles' Melrose Avenue. "It has been written music soothes the savage breast. It also helps gentle little plants grow," shop owners Lynn and Joel Rapp wrote in Mother Earth's Hassle-Free Indoor Plant Book. For them, it was a logical next step to start handing out records just as florists would give out sachets of flower food with their bouquets. Created by the composer and jingle writer Mort Garson, Mother Earth's Plantasia was inspired by the Rapps' philosophies, his own wife's green thumb and the unavoidable plant craze taking root across 1970s America. Self-released and distributed through free-with-purchase schemes at both Mother Earth Plant Boutique and the American department store Sears, Mother Earth's Plantasia was destined to be a digger's dream thanks to its oddball concept, a bright cartoonish cover and early Moog arrangements. As the years passed and copies ended up in thrift store sale bins, a cult of listeners steadily grew.
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