Catalogue : Perlon / PERL39
Format : EP 
Condition : Used / VG+ /VG+
Country : Germany
Released : 2004
Genre : House, Techno

Narcotic Syntax (James Dean Brown and yapacc) follows its Superlongevity Three stunner “Pingpong Voodoo” with three deep tracks that give the lie to this music's common microhouse classification; if anything, macrohouse would be more apropros. The opener, “Electric Liquid,” features smooth house grooves overlaid by Winter's softly uttered recitation and sweetened by burbling bass lines and shiny hi-hats. Her text recounts a night-time, ocean-side lounge incident where the liquid of her spilled gin'n'tonic induces a surreal telepathic experience with a male neighbour. “Romantic Infinity” begins in samba mode, then adds another recitation, this time as if recorded in some echo chamber, and head-nodding bass lines. Heavy drum patterns open the flip's “The Drumpads of Jericho” with Japanese lyrics (ostensibly a musical tour guide) delivered by Mariko Neumeister.Shibuyahot, while a mechanistic array of drums and hi-hats churns underneath and eventually lumbers to a lascivious close.
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